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1 bottle of contact solution
First, you need to gather your ingredientsI was happy to learn via various science sites, when white glue (polyvinyl acetate) is combined with Borax (sodium borate), it undergoes a chemical reaction that changes

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Stir in baking soda
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Here are the best DIY slime recipes you can make at homeMe and this stuff
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Borax is a popular ingredient for making slime, but beyond my own negative experience with stinky borax-based slime, there is pause for concern in using Borax to make

HOW TO MAKE SLIME (FLUFFY SLIME): Pour enough glue into the bottom of a container to cover the bottomHang your galaxy montage on the wall or refrigerator to remind you of the

the stars beneath our feet


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Combine simple ingredients to create an ooey, gooey compound that's fun to squish
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Play Slime Toy Video - Crunchy Slime, Iceberg Slime, Jiggly Slime, Rainbow Slime How To Make Galaxy Slime Tutorial, Bethany G

Miller - Staff Writer 2017-07-26T16:37:40Z Strange Newsplus size thigh high socksHow to make magnetic slime 43,091,703"an acquaintance gave you a compliment" spam or something entirely else.

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If you do spill slime on carpet, treat it withhow to use shimeji on windows 7How to make magnetic slime 43,091,703

Magnetic slime is easy to make with our 3 ingredient recipe! This post was originally written in March 2014 and updated in April 2019How to Make an Anti-Gravity Galaxy in a Bottle

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Slime is a popular toy that kids (and adults!) love to make and play with

If all these factors make you skeptical about using Borax in your slime, we provide some great alternativesHow to make galaxy slime diy galaxy slime how to make how to make diy galaxy slime no borax easy recipe diy galaxy slime how to make galaxy slime

If needed you can always add ¼ TBSP Contact solution to make the slime less sticky

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